Oi! Chemical Brothers! Orbital! You stand accused! Alex Paterson's been there, done that...

THE ORB founder ALEX PATERSON has accused THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS and ORBITAL of copying his band?s legendary early ’90s live shows.

Speaking exclusively to NME.COM about the Orb’s new album ‘Cydonia’ scheduled for release on January 29, Paterson said he was discussing returning to the live stage on a much smaller scale than in previous years. “Let’s be honest with ourselves,” he said. “Back then with The Orb, we were doing these things that The Chemical Brothers, Orbital, and all the rest of them then started doing on the Brixton Academy-type stages. We don’t really feel the need to go back and do what they’re doing. People will just say ‘Oh, The Orb are copying them’, when we were doing the whole bloody thing in the beginning.”

The much revered electronica act now consists of Paterson and a floating pool of collaborators, including Thomas Fehlmann and Guy Pratt. ‘Cydonia’ will be The Orb’s first album since 1997’s ‘Orblivian’, and is one that Paterson claims will elevate the band to hitherto unknown levels of success. “I think, being so over-ground compared to ten years when he was underground, we’re in the same league as Moby,” he argued. “In musical terms, and by way of having some depth of history, we’re the same.”

Originally scheduled for release in 1999, Paterson ended up replacing material he felt to be out of date with newer material, much of which took the format of ‘proper’ songs. Former Sabres Of Paradise vocalist Nina Walsh and Japanese singer Aki are among the contributors.

The Orb will be touring at the end of February as a stripped down, two or three man set-up entitled Le Petit Orb. The tour will call at University sized venues, before returning to the UK in the summer for the festival season. Paterson is also starting up an Internet-only record label at [url=]www.badorb.com.