Plethora of formats and remixes and bagpipes on new Orbital single...

Orbital‘s new single ‘Style’ is released on March 1, the first track taken from their forthcoming new album ‘The Middle Of Nowhere’.

Promos are already circulating featuring two tracks from the many versions featured in the various CD packs ; there’s a cut-down version of the album track, complete with stylophone, Suzi Quatro and Dollar samples. There’s also a reworked version of album track ‘Autumn’ – retitled ‘An Fhomair’ (pronounced “on air”, the Irish Gaelic for ‘Autumn’) – which features bagpipes, a true celtic/dance crossover.

The single will be spread over two CDs and a 12″ single with a plethora of mixes that will include a compacted version, a krautrock version in the style of Neu! called ‘NewStyle’, another in the style of early ’80s industrial bands like Cabaret Voltaire, a version called ‘Big Pipe’, ‘An Fromhair’ in a Warp early-90s style and an electro-Elizabethan track in 7/8 time called ‘Mock Tudor’.


There will be a live broadcast to mark the album launch, a one hour live set played to an invited audience at London Brixton Mass on March 8 which readers will have a chance to attend. Details of our ticket competition will be announced very soon.

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