Nominations are now being accepted...

Orbital celebrate their 10th anniversary this month by running a competition whereby fans can nominate their personal favourite Orbital tracks played at this summer’s live shows.

The five live tracks arrived at by popular consensus will be released as a genuine limited edition CD – strictly 500 copies, individually numbered – featuring exclusive artwork and catalogue number.

Just so that no one embarrasses themselves by asking for the Big Beat mix of ‘Chime’ or “that mix of ‘Satan’ with the freeform trombone solo in it”, potential entrants are respectfully asked to limit their choices to Orbital tracks that actually exist, and Orbital tracks that are currently in the live set, and these are


‘Way Out’ ‘Spare Parts Express’ ‘Impact’ ‘Know Where To Run’ ‘Halcyon’ ‘I Don’t Know You People’ ‘The Box’ ‘Nothing Left’ ‘Style’ ‘Satan’ ‘Chime’

CD winners will be selected in mid September by putting all the names in a very big hat, so if you want a chance to win, you have to include your e-mail and full snail mail addresses.

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