... And they've been experimenting with new, surround sound-style technology on it...

Orbital have finished their new album and plan to release it in March through LONDON RECORDS, can exclusively reveal.

Speaking to last week, Phil Hartnoll said that the band had experimented with brand new, surround sound-style technology on the still untitled follow-up to 1999’s ‘Middle Of Nowhere’ album.

Hartnoll told “Generally, it’s a bit more of a fun LP. There are no real moody downer tracks – not that they’re all ‘up’ tracks. There’s a bit of a thrash guitar track, there’s a really nice, lovely track in there with a mate of mine singing – a mate of mine, Naomi, who’s been in a band called Jona Hex. It’s called ‘Funny Break’ – that’s working titles for you.

“There’s one called ‘Last Thing’, which is another one of my favourites, that’s a bit more of a dancey number.”

For the full lowdown on the forthcoming Orbital album, as well as information on a live show at the London Hammersmith Palais this month, see this week’s NME, out in London today (October 3), and nationwide from tomorrow (October 4).