Orbital have admitted to Rolf Harris--leanings on their new single, to be released in January...

Orbital are to release a new single, ‘Style’, in January, followed by an album tentatively titled ‘Middle Of Nowhere’ in February.

Speaking exclusively to NME, Orbital’s Paul Hartnoll said that, despite the album’s somewhat bleak title, it was in fact their most “jolly” yet, and to prove it, the new single had been made entirely of Stylophone samples. Hartnoll explained that he and his brother Phil had started recording the album last October and had wanted to have it released by now, but a takeover of their record label ffrr by Seagram had delayed it until February.

He went on to explain that the album was called ‘Middle Of Nowhere’ because many of the track titles seemed to be based around the word ‘nothing’ – such as ‘Nothing Changes’ and ‘Nothing Left’ – and that Orbital were exploring new directions. “One track sounds like a rock track before heavy metal was invented. Basically, it’s all kinds of styles and tempos. It’d be bloody difficult to play at a cocktail party,” explained Paul.


As for the new single, Hartnoll said the idea came after a boring day when a Stylophone was the only thing in his house that interested him. “I could be a good Rolf Harris if only I could grow some facial hair,” he joked. Orbital are also due to tour the UK early next year.

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