The techno pair and Mr DiCaprio make a whale of a record for forthcoming film 'The Beach'...

Orbital have teamed up with Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio on a new track called ‘Beached’ – and it’s set to be released as a single on February 28 through London.

Leo provides spoken vocals on the song which makes up the soundtrack to his new film ‘The Beach’.

The track is Orbital’s own interpretation of Angelo Badalamenti’s score for the new movie, due out on February 11.

Badalamenti’s previously worked on the films of David Lynch, including writing the music for ‘Twin Peaks’, and with James lead singer Tim Booth.

However, the released Orbital single doesn’t actually appear in the film. The single features a radio edit of ‘Beached’, plus a full version of the track, which is different again from that featured on the original ‘The Beach’ soundtrack, which is an edit by Pete Tong.

The third track is another brand new Orbital song called ‘Doctor, Lookout!’.

Orbital are now working on their sixth album, the follow-up to 1998’s ‘The Middle of Nowhere’.

As yet untitled, it’s slated for a summer release and is rumoured to show yet another “shift in sound” for Orbital.

Meanwhile, ‘The Beach’ soundtrack is released through London Records on February 14.

It features a host of specially recorded tracks including Leftfield’s ‘Snakeblood’, ‘Brutal’ by New Order, ‘Eightball’ by Underworld, ‘Return Of Django’ by Asian Dub Foundation, ‘It’s Business As Usual’ by Barry Adamson and All Saint’s new track ‘Pure Shores’, the first single from the film, which is released on February 7, also through London.