The Hartnoll brothers debut new tracks in Dublin...

Orbital debuted three new tracks during their gig at DUBLIN‘s Point venue on Saturday night (October 27). The HARTNOLL brothers were headlining the CREAM event on a bill that also included DJ sets from the BBC‘s PETE TONG and MR SPRING.

The new material, expected to be included on the duo’s 2001 follow-up to 1999’s ‘Middle Of Nowhere’, was interspersed throughout the familiar Orbital show. Opening with ‘The Theme From A Clockwork Orange’, they followed with a new track in the classic Orbital vein, complete with ethereal female vocal sample. Another new track, performed just prior to the encore, was a harder-sounding piece of aggressive and industrial breakbeat.

The set also included the ‘John Craven’s Newsround’-sampling ‘Spare Parts Express’, ‘I Don’t Know You People’, ‘The Box’, ‘Impact (The Earth Is Burning)’ and ‘Halycon’, complete with crowd-pleasing Belinda Carlisle and Bon Jovi samples. The encore featured ‘Satan’, ‘Theme From Dr Who’ and ‘Chime’.

Speaking to NME.COM after the gig, Orbital‘s Paul Hartnoll described the new album, due for release early next year, as “a lot of fast tracks, sort of techno-skiffle, surf and drag music – a bit like the Cramps at times. And then there’s some old-skool house music on there too.”

Hartnoll also confirmed that the album will include the 17-minute piece of music specially commissioned for Scott Walker‘s Meltdown festival which they arranged and performed at the Royal Festival Hall in London in July. “It’ll prop up the last corner of the album. We wanted the usual eight-track album, but with shorter tracks. I guess, this time round, we’re abiding by the theory that if you can’t say it in five minutes, you can’t say it at all. It’s still an album with a beginning, a middle and an end. So we did that… but now we have this great big 17-minute chunk at the end!”

In other Orbital news, the Hartnolls‘ remix of Kraftwerk‘s ‘Expo 2000’ track will be included on a remix version of the EP due for release on EMI on November 13.