The Ordinary Boys’ Preston hospitalised after falling from balcony while drunk

"I know a wise man once said 'boys will be boys'"

The Ordinary Boys‘ frontman Samuel Preston has shared an image of his recovery after falling from a balcony while drunk.

Preston took to Instagram, where he posted a photograph of himself and his girlfriend Emily Smith following the incident in Denmark.

“If I haven’t been texting you back it’s because I fell off a second floor balcony in Denmark and broke my leg in four places, pelvis, hip, foot, ribs, shoulder blade, punctured a lung and smashed my left hand to pieces,” Preston wrote. “I know a wise man once said ‘boys will be boys’ but seriously I drank too much and was careless and please don’t abuse your privileges.”


He added: “I think I’m going to do the next 30 years sober. Thank you to my girlfriend [Emily Smith] for flying over to spoon feed me, and my mama for doing the same. To quote Garth Marenghi ‘it really hurts.”

In 2006, Preston was a guest in ‘Celebrity Big Brother’, and then the following year when he made headlines by infamously walking out of an episode of ‘Never Mind The Buzzcocks’. The band split in 2008, before their reunion in 2011.

“It’s not a coincidence that most frontmen in bands are insufferable arseholes,” said Preston as the band made their return . “I was an insufferable arsehole. I used to go on stage and swear and neck bottles of wine. I was a real dickhead.”

They released their self-titled fourth album in 2015, with fans currently awaiting new music.

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