Organisers of non-stop Oasis club night: “Noel and Liam are on the guestlist”

Fancy it, lads?

The organisers of “the world’s only non-stop Oasis club night” say that they’ll be putting Noel and Liam Gallagher on their guest-list to provide an olive branch for the warring brothers.

The event, which debuts in London this Friday, plays nothing back-to-back Oasis songs for four hours and is described as “a must for Oasis fans.”

But as well as being an essential pilgrimage for Oasis fans, organisers Hannah Summers and Jon Beck are hoping to get the Gallaghers involved too.


“We’ve put them on the list, just in case they turn up,” Jon told NME. “Who knows? They might come down – we could play one Liam track and one Noel track and watch them fight it out.”

Liam and Noel Gallagher in Oasis

The all Oasis club night is the pair’s second club night collaboration, having previously joined forces on ‘Hungry Heart’, where they played the music of Bruce Springsteen for an entire evening.

Describing the reaction to the Oasis night, Hannah explained: “Things like this are always going to split the crowd, and there will always be people who say like ‘oh, I can just listen to Oasis for four hours at home’.

“But that’s missing the point, to be out hearing it on a great sound-system, surrounded by other people, it’s a unique experience.”

She also stressed that the duo will only play each song once, so fans will need to “get in for 11 on the dot if you want to hear as much as possible.”


Asked about what tracks to expect across the four hours, Jon said: “You’ll go to an indie night and hear an Oasis song or two, but it’s always going to be the same songs. ‘Cigarettes & Alcohol’, ‘Rock n Roll Star’ and maybe even ‘Supersonic’.

“But they’ve got such a huge catalogue and there’s so many songs that people want to hear – so it’s an exciting opportunity to play those tracks you don’t hear so much.

“Stuff like Acquiesce and Rocking Chair, you’ll never hear them in clubs but they’re big club tracks! Definitely Digsy’s Dinner!”

But if Noel and Liam don’t show up on the night, do the pair reckon an Oasis reunion will ever happen?

“It’s really hard to work out where the truth is! Noel has been pretty steadfast that it’s never, ever happening, but Liam is always posting stuff about it happening soon,” said Jon.

“Both things are probably true. Noel is quite famously a shrewd guy and waiting for the right offer, but once it’s reached the peak of people wanting to see Oasis live again then it almost definitely will happen.”

After Liam told NME that “an Oasis reunion’s going to happen very fucking soon“, Noel then spoke out to deny such claims as well as refute that any big money offers had been made.

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