Organisers respond to rumours that Britney Spears has cancelled Brighton Pride performance

The pop star is due to headline the event on Saturday (August 4)

Brighton Pride organisers have responded to rumours that Britney Spears has cancelled her appearance at this year’s event.

The pop star will headline the festival this Saturday (August 4) and will bring her Las Vegas show to the city as she kicks off her UK tour.

After rumours began to spread that Spears would no longer be performing, organisers responded to fans calling for clarification. “People are treating you not replying as confirmation,” one Twitter user told them, to which they responded: “It’s utter nonsense – she’s on her way.”


Pride’s response tweet included a screengrab of a post from Spears confirming she was getting ready to head to the UK.

Other fans have taken issue with secondary ticket sites, accusing them of “ripping off” the star’s fans by selling tickets which might not be valid. The show sold out when tickets went on sale in April, and must have been bought from Pride, who have a strict “no resale, no refund” policy.

According to the BBC, hundreds of fans who have bought tickets for the event through StubHub or Viagogo could be turned away. StubHub confirmed that they had 92 tickets for sale and had already sold 290.

Tickets are being sold for more than 10 times the highest ticket price (£37.50) set by organisers. Paul Kemp, the managing director of Brighton and Hove Pride said: “We have to disrupt the ticket touts. Otherwise in the future our community event, where the tickets are meant to go to locals, will be bought up by ticket companies and sold on at extortionate sites.”

They continued: “They’re fraudulent, they’ve been giving out the wrong information, they’re undermining the industry, and they’re ripping off customers.”


Kemp added that anyone who turned up to Pride with a genuine ticket with identification that don’t match their own would be allowed to buy a new ticket and organisers will give them a letter to try and help them gain their money back from the secondary ticket site they made their purchase through.

Following Brighton Pride, Spears’ tour will continue in Scarborough on August 17 and will run until September 9 when she performs in Blackpool.