“Orgasms are important”: Lily Allen is set to release her own range of sex toys

And she revealed the news at a very appropriate place

Lily Allen has revealed that she’s working on her own new range of sex toys.

Speaking at the Port Eliot Festival in Cornwall – the place she was conceived, she revealed – the singer told her news to the crowd.

“I probably shouldn’t talk about it,” she said before continuing. “I haven’t done a press release or anything like that. Orgasms are important, ladies, and I feel like the celeb sex toy market hasn’t been capitalised upon.”


Allen released her most recent album ‘No Shame’ last year. In a four-star review, NME‘s Nick Levine said: “After 2014’s patchy ‘Sheezus’, one of British pop’s most distinctive voices rediscovers her sense of self.”

Earlier this month, the singer said that the short release her convicted stalker was recently granted was “preying on my mind”.

“The stalker stuff is quite scary, I think…He got out yesterday for 20 minutes supervised leave and that’s been preying on my mind for the last few days.

She added: “He broke into my house at 2am in October 2015. I thought it was my ex and I was with a new boyfriend. Someone came to my bedroom door and I thought it was my ex but it was someone I didn’t know.

Already working on the follow-up to ‘No Shame’, Lily has revealed that she’s currently working on a “concept album and two musicals”, and says they’re “really clever”.