Former Maccabees frontman Orlando Weeks is bringing ‘The Gritterman’ back to the stage this winter

The musician released his debut novel last year

Former Maccabees frontman Orlando Weeks will return to the stage to showcase his book and accompanying album, The Gritterman. Check out the full schedule below.

The musician published his debut novel last year following The Maccabees’ split. In the book – written and illustrated by Weeks – he tells the story of an “ice-cream man in the summer months”, whose other seasonal job is “to secure the safety of treacherously icy roads at the height of winter”.

With the release previously coming to life with a show at London’s Union Chapel in 2017, Weeks has announced three more dates for December. He will return to Union Chapel and also head up to Manchester’s Albert Hall.


“Last year’s concert was very special,” Weeks said of the previous outing. “It’s going to be a real pleasure trying to recreate that atmosphere, not just in Union Chapel but in the Albert Hall too. This year my focus has been on writing a new album, so it will be nice to come back to The Gritterman music.”

As with last year’s gig, actor and Fast Show comedian Paul Whitehouse will narrate the tale on stage, playing the titular character. Weeks will also be accompanied by a band and choir.

Tickets will be available this Friday (September 28).

The full schedule is as follows:

10 London, Union Chapel
11 London, Union Chapel
12 Manchester, Albert Hall


Speaking to NME about the inspiration behind The Gritterman character, Weeks said: “I don’t know exactly where he came from, but I had a song about a seasonal hero and I wanted him to do a job that was unromantic and unremarkable. I thought the idea of road grits and hi-vis jackets felt very everyday, and that would help put the song in a better place.

“I just liked where that song ended up and I thought ‘I can do more in this voice’. Then when I started getting more into that, I started building a backstory and thinking about what he looked like. I guess that was the beginning of it.”