Orville Peck announces new EP ‘Show Pony’, shares new single

Listen to 'No Glory in the West' now

Orville Peck has shared a new single titled ‘No Glory in the West’, and announced a new EP titled ‘Show Pony’ will be released next month.

Listen to ‘No Glory in the West’ below:


A slow, smouldering acoustic number, ‘No Glory in the West’ follows previous single ‘Summertime’, which Peck shared back in April.

Both songs will appear on the new EP, which Peck announced on social media earlier today. The EP appears to include six songs, including one collaboration, and is slated for release June 12.

‘Show Pony’ will follow Peck’s debut album ‘Pony’, released last year. In an interview with NME last month, Peck confirmed album two was in the works, discussing the differences and similarities between it and his debut.

“For me, ‘Pony’ was exactly what I wanted it to be, which was my love letter to classic country as well as all the influences that I’ve been inspired by my whole life, which exceed country and they’re all over the place,” remarked Peck.


“I think with the next album it’s gonna be that – just deeper.”

“I’m definitely in a happier place now than I was when I wrote ‘Pony’, but unfortunately, along with a lot of other people, no matter how good my life gets or how well things are going, I seem to still carry a healthy dose of sadness inside of me.”