Exclusive: Listen to Oscar Scheller’s new album ‘HTTP404’ and read his track-by-track guide

The record, which features the likes of Lily Allen, PAWWS and Ashnikko, is officially out tomorrow

Oscar Scheller has provided NME with an exclusive first-listen of his brand new album ‘HTTP404’, as well as delivering a track-by-track written guide to his latest project.

The London musician will release his new record tomorrow (October 11), serving as the follow-up to 2016’s ‘Cut and Paste’.

‘HTTP404’ boasts a host of impressive guest features, including Lily Allen, PAWWS and Ashnikko, and you can listen to an exclusive advance stream of the record in full below.


Scheller has also sent NME a track-by-track guide to the songs on ‘HTTP404’ — you can read that below.

‘1UP’ (with Sarah Bonito)

This was the first song that really felt like it set the tone for the whole project. It’s about re-invention and taking the opportunity to learn from experiences instead of repeat them. Sarah Bonito from Kero Kero Bonito was the perfect collaboration on this and we were going through parallel situations around the time of writing it.

‘Picture Perfect’ (with Havelock)

I’m obsessed with ‘time’ as a subject. This song for me is about the way that we easily forget the pain we’ve been through and paint the past as a prettier picture. So easy to look at a picture and forget how you were feeling when it was taken. It becomes picture perfect simply by being in the past.


‘Interstellar Disco’ (with PAWWS)

I was having possibly the most challenging day of my life so far and was in the studio with Lucy (PAWWS) and we ended up making the most innocent and joyous song. It has such a bittersweet feeling to it. We both ended up creating this safe space/fantasy universe I guess to escape our reality. Dancing does actually make you live longer!

‘1%’ (with Lily Allen)

I’m almost always getting into trouble and misreading things or misunderstanding the tone of the conversation. On top of that my phone has died daily when I need it most. This song was actually brought on by the fact I got lost in the middle of Stockholm suburbs cause my phone died. Thanks Sweden, thanks Steve Jobs.

‘Confidence’ (with Ashnikko)

This song speaks for itself. It’s talking about the power of confidence and the way we can lose it as we grow up. It’s about reclaiming it and the transformative power that can come with that. But also more specifically having the confidence to be your own kind of man. Ash and I have spoken at length about our struggles with self esteem and confidence. This song was our way of honouring it and healing ourselves in the process.

‘Estate Of Mind’ (with Miraa May and Jevon)

I actually started this as poem that I wrote on a rush hour tube ride. London began to feel overwhelming and oppressive and I really wanted to translate that feeling into a full song. It’s really an homage to London about all its character traits, it’s changing face and it’s sometimes claustrophobic atmosphere. I love it deeply but can also be exhausted by it. I consider both Miraa and Jevon to be poets of our time so it felt right to give them a space to share their own story


Written in the summer of 2016, I was crushing on someone hard and it’s really that simple. They were kind of a friend but I liked the idea of asking them to run away with me casually and even if was just going to the seaside or the park. Like a humdrum fantasy. I wanted to make a Drake tune but if Metronomy recorded it


This song is about my ex. I had just found out she started seeing a new guy and even though we’re friends, it still got me in my feelings. And as I was going through our old texts having a real Drizzy moment and yeah started recording it straight away. Shout out SZA and The Strokes for this one

‘Happy Meals’ (with Mathilda Homer)

I was put on anti-depressants age 16-18 and this was the first song where I addressed that. It’s a comment on the fact that the health services just mass prescribe pills generally regardless of what problems you come with. I thought it would be funny to draw the parallel to it being as commonly consumed as a McDonalds happy meal. Also everyday after therapy I would get a Big Mac Meal as a reward haha

‘Tidal Waves’ (with Vera Hotsauce)

Since I was about 8 years old I’ve had this recurring dream about seeing a tidal wave approach the shore. Every dream it’s in a different location but with the same conclusion. It looms. Then one night, I dreamt that it hit me, but I survived. This song is about those dreams. I was in Sweden and I played Vera the song and she really related to it. Water in dreams means emotion. Got a lot of those 😉

‘Young’ (with Tyrer)

This is easily the most emotional song on the project. It’s about my childhood with my sister before losing our dad. Before we knew how hard the world would become. Tyrer is one of my favourite new voices and we have similar stories and so it was serendipity that brought us together and let us share that special song

Scheller will guest feature on Brooke Candy’s debut album ‘SEXORCISM’ later this month.