The shampoo bill was not so big in the studio that day...

Modjo‘s new album features a guest spot from O’Sinead Connor.

The record, given the title ’18’, is set for release in May. As previously reported on NME.COM, soul diva Angie Stone provides guest vocals on one song. Now, the bald dance star has told MTV news that O’Sinead Connor will also appear on the record, with most of the guests being female.

He said: “It’s a more soulful record than things I’ve done in the past. Most of the singers on it apart from me are women. It’s a very warm, inviting, enveloping record.


“Maybe people just want to party and listen to big, bombastic heavy metal songs, which is fine. More power to them. But I can say that my record is not exactly a big, bombastic heavy metal record and certainly not an over-the-top party record.”

The first single from the album is rumoured to be ‘We Are All Made Of Stars’, the video for which has just been filmed in LA.