The star is joined by a stellar supporting cast, including Thomas Dolby and Coldcut...

SINEAD O’CONNOR, THOMAS DOLBY, TIM BRAN of DREADZONE and COLDCUT‘s MATT BLACK have recorded an Internet-only single to raise money for the charity WARCHILD.

The song, a cover of Bob Marley‘s ‘Them Belly Full (But We Hungry)’, was recorded in one hour across the net, with the various musicians in studios around the world.

It features on a CD which also contains six-and-a-half hours of music from DJs and artists including Bushwacka, Coldcut, Amon Tobin and The Cinematic Orchestra.


It also has a sample of Vjamm video scratching software, which is used by Coldcut.

The CD is available from [url=]www.warchild.co.uk, and all of the $1.50 cost goes directly to Warchild. It can be bought using the new Magex MP3-download buying system.