Newly ordained Sinead will rail against paramilitary punishnment beatings...

SINEAD O’ CONNOR, aka Mother Bernadette Maria, is to make her only concert performance this year at the annual West Belfast Festival during the summer.

A date has not been confirmed, but the singer claims that she will use the occasion to rail against paramilitary punishment beatings and the “so-called police” who carry out these activities.

She has also revealed that she had prepared for the priesthood by listening to reggae music. Talking to journalist Derek Fanning, she explained. “I’ve listened to rasta music for years. They contain the necessary knowledge to be a priest.(sic)”


Although the Catholic Church will not recognise O’Connor‘s priesthood, she plans to wear a ‘dog collar’ to conduct ceremonies under the aegis of the Order of Mater Dei (0), such as baptisms and marriages.

The singer is also planning to establish a healing centre in Offally, Ireland.

Newly signed to Atlantic Records in America, the singer said that, “Anyone who wishes to receive any of the sacraments of the Catholic Church from me may do so by writing to me care of Atlantic Records in New York or East West Records in London.”

Requests should apparently be marked with a cross, to indicate that the correspondence is not merely fan mail.

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