Outfit to play new song ‘Swam Out’ tonight to fans over Skype

Band release second album 'Slowness' on June 15 via Memphis Industries

Liverpool band Outfit are set to air a new track called ‘Swam Out’ via Skype calls.

The group release their second album ‘Slowness’ on June 15 via Memphis Industries. It will follow on from their 2013 debut ‘Performance’.

A press release describes the song as featuring “decaying Skype noises and 1AM phone calls”. ‘Swam Out’ will be premiered directly through Skype from singer Andrew PM Hunt’s account (andrewoutfit) all this week, beginning tonight (May 11) from 10pm – 11pm BST.

“Listeners will only be able to hear the song one at a time, in a rare moment of online intimacy,” the press release continues. “Callers will also be subjected to the same glitches and imperfections in the network as the band were when forming their early ideas and speaking to their loved ones across the globe.”

‘Swam Out’ is the closing track of upcoming album ‘Slowness’.

The band recently aired another song from the LP, titled ‘Genderless’. That song has been described as “about feeling disconnected from your body and your sexuality almost to the point where your self disappears completely”.

The ‘Slowness’ tracklisting is:

‘New Air’
‘Smart Thing’
‘Happy Birthday’
‘Wind or Vertigo’
‘On the Water, on the Way’
‘Cold Light Home’
‘Swam Out’