Andre 3000 signs up for his first starring role...

OUTKAST frontman ANDRE 3000 has signed up for his first starring movie role.

The ‘Hey Ya’ hitmaker has signed up for what is currently known as the ‘Untitled Andre Benjamin Project’, a love story set against race and class struggles in 1970’s America, reports MTV.

Produced by Elemental Films and Teek Films, and directed by Paris Barclay, the movie tells the story of Andre’s character Valentine, an affluent musician who embarks on a ‘Romeo And Juliet’-style forbidden affair with Chevon, a lower-class white woman. After being implicated in a shooting, the lovers go on the run.

Early versions of the script were called ‘Love Hater’, which inspired the song of the same name on ‘Speakerboxx/The Love Below’, and Benjamin is expected to be involved in some way in the soundtrack.

Prior to this new project, Benjamin has enjoyed supporting roles in ‘Hollywood Homicide’ and the upcoming ‘Get Shorty’ sequel ‘Be Cool’.

The next single from ‘Speakerboxx/The Love Below’ will be ‘Roses’.