The duo's battle with the civil rights campaigner goes on...

Civil right campaigner ROSA PARKS has authorised the release of her medical records in a lawsuit she has filed against OUTKAST.

Parks’ lawyers had claimed that she is too frail to testify in the trail, set to begin on January 10. However, according to the Associated Press, a federal judge ruled last month that the 91 year-old would have to explain the reasons why she could not testify and provide the relevant medical records.

On Thursday (August 12), Parks agreed to the conditions.

The suit – which excludes the band themselves – is being brought against their record company BMG and its subsidiaries Arista and LaFace.

The case relates to OutKast ’s song ‘Rosa Parks’ from their 1998 album ‘Aquemini’. Parks claims that the song violates her publicity and trademark rights. She is seeking unspecified damages and the removal of her name from future versions of the record.

Parks made history when, in 1955, she was arrested for refusing to give up her seat on a city bus to a white man. The incident led to a 381 day boycott of the bus system by black citizens and led to the eventual desegregation of public transport in America.

The chorus to the OutKast song, which is not specifically about Parks but the entertainment industry, goes: “Ah-ha, hush that fuss, everybody move to the back of the bus”.