Sounds good...

OUTKAST have said they want their new album to “make love to your earlobe through the speaker”!

Speaking at the American Music Awards, they explained that the double album ‘Speakerbox/Love Hater’ will basically be a solo album from both Big Boi and Andre 3000. “It’s like two-for-one lapdance day at your local gentleman’s club,” Killer Mike, latest OutKast cohort enthused.

Big Boi explained: “We’re taking it back to the essence of just beats, rhymes and straight funk. We both produce and we both do every little part of the music, so when you at home in your own kitchen or at Stankonia [their studio] you’re working at different vibes. From a production standpoint, you get more done in a shorter amount of time.”


More than 40 songs were recorded by each, and he added that, while only around 14 tracks will appear on each album, “we still have like four albums of material that we’re going to put out later in the year”.

Separate singles and videos will be lifted from each half of the album, which is slated for a May release. According to mtv.com, Big Boi’s first single will be ‘Church’, and Dre’s will be ‘Prototype’.

Dre is also planning to star in a movie called ‘Love Hater’.

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