The dance duo admit they approached the rappers about appearing on 'Come With Us'...

THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS approached OUTKAST to appear on their new album ‘COME WITH US’, but the rap collective became “massive” and couldn’t complete the tracks.

Speaking to MTV news, the dance duo said that they sent some rough mixes to OutKast during the recording sessions for the new record, but ultimately nothing came of it.

Ed Simmons said: “When we were working on ‘Come With Us’, we sent a couple of the tracks to OutKast to see if they wanted to do something with us. They said they were quite into the music we sent them, but then they blew up and became more massive. But maybe that’s something for the future.”

However, the group have recruited Eve, who sings on a version of ‘Hot Acid Rhythm’. The track is likely to be used as an additional track on a single.

‘Come With Us’ is released on January 29, 2002.