Sean 'Puffy' Combs took a break from the courtroom to check out the New York show...

SEAN ‘PUFFY’ COMBS made an appearance in NEW YORK last week that wasn’t at the courthouse – the rap star showed up at OUTKAST’s sold-out gig at the THEATRE AT MADISON SQUARE GARDEN on Friday (March 9).

Flanked by his entourage, Puffy walked down a side aisle at the front of the theatre, in between sets by Ludacris, the opener, and Outkast.

The crowd in the immediate area reacted instantly, shouting out lines with varying degrees of sincerity, such as “Keep the faith!” and “Stay out of jail!”


One concert-goer was overheard sagely asking a friend, “Shouldn’t you be at home if you’re on trial?”

Considering the current excitement surrounding Atlanta duo Outkastand their best-selling recent album, ‘Stankonia’, however, it was a difficult show to pass up, especially for those who were lucky enough to get tickets.

Beastie Boy Mike D was also in attendance for a set that included a stage designed to look like the inside of a cave, or possibly an asteroid, featuring three back-up singers, two guitarists and a DJ, in addition to Outkast themselves, Big Boi and Andre 3000.

The show saw the duo revisit the full breadth of their back catalogue, featuring material from their first three albums, as well as newer hits like current UK Top Ten smash ‘Ms Jackson’ and ‘B.O.B. (Bombs Over Baghdad)’.

Members of Outkast’s extended crew, the Dungeon Family, also took to the stage throughout the evening, as did Slimm Calhoun, the first signing to Outkast’s new record label, Aquemini (named after their third album, a combination of Aquarius and Gemini).

Calhoun’s debut album, ‘The Skinny’, is due for US release in April 2001, and includes the single ‘It’s OK’, featuring Andre 3000.


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