Big Boi reveals Sir Luscious Left Foot’s true identity

Rapper tells NME his solo album secrets

Big Boi has revealed the identity of the eponymous character from his forthcoming solo album ‘Sir Luscious Left Foot: The Son Of Chico Dusty’.

The Outkast rapper explained that the fancily titled character is in fact him.

Luscious Left Foot is the knight in rhyming armour,” he told NME. “I didn’t have a chance to come over to the UK and have the Queen knight me, so I knighted myself. Soul-funk crusader number one.”

He added that Chico Dusty was his dad, a retired air force pilot who passed away as Big Boi began work on the album.

He added that the record, released on July 6, will feature several other personas across the tracks.

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