OutKast say movie debut is ‘magic’

The group get ready to release 'Idlewild'

Outkast’s celluloid debut ‘Idlewild’ has been described as “magic” by the band’s Andre 3000 .

The duo’s first film, out on October 6, sees them team up with longstanding video director Bryan Barber for gangster musical ‘Idlewild’.

Named after the fictional town Southern where it is set, the 1930s prohibition era flick sees Big Boi play swish hoodlum Rooster, Andre 3000 plays sensitive mortician’s son Percival Jenkins – two boys from opposite sides of the tracks with music as their common bond.


As adults, Rooster gets Percival a night job playing piano in The Church, a speakeasy bar that he’s been charged with running. But when the club’s owner is murdered in a gangland dispute over the illegal hooch trade, Rooster and Percival get tangled up.

“I always loved music films, from ‘Tommy’ to ‘Purple Rain’,” Andre 3000 told NME.COM of the project. “The best thing about ‘Idlewild’ is that it went beyond what we imagined it could be. But that’s the magic of film.”

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