And there's an appropriate headliner for the John Peel Stage...

Undertones and OUTKAST are to play at next year’s GLASTONBURY festival.

Festival organiser Michael Eavis also says he has asked Undertones to perform at the event, though the band have not yet confirmed.

Undertones look set to headline the newly renamed John Peel Stage at the festival. ‘Teenage Kicks’ by the band was Peel’s favourite song.


“As soon as Undertones found about the John Peel Stage they were on the phone asking if they could play on the stage because John helped make them too,” Eavis told the Bristol Evening Post.

“I expect they will be headlining on the John Peel Stage on the Saturday.”

Eavis added: “John was always involved in Glastonbury and he was instrumental in the success of many bands that have played there.

“I remember him talking about [a][/a] in 1983 so I went to watch them play at Bristol University and they were terrific, so I booked them for Glastonbury 1984.

“John Peel helped to make them, and they were brilliant – that’s what helped turn Glastonbury around really.”

Eavis did not disclose who is now heading his wish list for Main (Pyramid) Stage headliners. U2 had been his first choice but cannot play due to touring commitments.

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