The duo have done very well in the digital market...

OUTKAST are the first music act to be given a multi-platinum award for music downloads for last year’s hit single ‘HEY YA’.

The duo were given the award by the Recording Industry of America for more than 400,000 download sales of the single. They also received platinum awards for ‘The Way You Move’ and ‘Roses’, both selling over 200,000 downloads.

Platinum awards were also given to Hoobastank, Maroon 5 and Beyonce.


Gold awards were given to [a][/a] and a href=”http://usher.nme.com”>Usher, reports the BBC, as well as 43 other artists.

Despite music downloads only adding up to small number of record sales, the figures are growing rapidly and analysts expect the total to grow to about $1.7bn (£930m) in 2009 from $100m (£54m) in 2003.

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