Apparently shaking your Polaroid picture is not a good idea, even if Andre 3000 says so...

Lyrics in OUTKAST ‘s worldwide smash hit ‘HEY YA’ is causing concern amongst POLAROID experts.

Though the song urges people to “shake it like a Polaroid picture”, a spokesperson for the self developing pictures says that ‘shaking it’ may damage your picture.

“Almost everybody does it, thinking that shaking accelerates the development process,” said a Polaroid spokesman to CNN. “But if you shake it too vigorously you could distort the image. A casual shake typically doesn’t affect it.”

The image, which dries behind a clear plastic window, so never actually touches the air, is best laid flat, and away from the wind, advises the Polaroid website.

Andre 3000 told NME.COM: “”That’s true, a photographer friend of mine told me that.. he said it messes up the ‘something’ and it was a cool word that I could have added to the song! I can’t remember what it was though but it

was a cool word.”