This is despite widespread rumours that they're on the verge of splitting...

OUTKAST will make two albums and a movie in the next year, despite widespread rumours that they are on the verge of splitting.

When Andre 3000 and Big Boi worked separately on last year’s ‘Speakerboxx/The Love Below’, and with Big Boi playing ‘solo’ dates, many believed that the writing was on the wall for the hip-hop pioneers.

However, Big Boi told MTV about the duo’s plans for the next OutKast album, as well as a soundtrack album for a film in which they will both star.

He said: “You gonna get two albums within the next 365 days. The soundtrack (to the movie) will be released in May (2005), it’s gonna be all brand-new songs, me and Dre on one CD together. But before we put the soundtrack, we’re going to put another album out this November. It’s gonna be a hardcore album, me and Dre letting Organized Noize produce the whole album. I can’t give you the title of it yet, but it’s coming together nicely.”

As previously reported, Andre is making his starring movie debut in a project based on the ‘Love Below’ song ‘Love Hater’, but the pair will also star in a film together.

Big Boi added: “We will not be playing OutKast in the movie. It’s set during the Prohibition era. Dre is the son of a mortician and I own a club… it’s a devilish place. It’s going to be a lot of action, adventure, romance.”