Why was Andre 3000 spotted at the Republican National Convention?

[url=]OUTKAST star ANDRE 3000 has vocally distanced himself from the US REPUBLICAN party and their electioneering leader GEORGE W BUSH.

Rumours have been rife that Andre is supportive of Bush since he was spotted at the Republican National Convention in New York, where Bush’s twin daughters Jenna and Barbara also recited from ‘Hey Ya’ in a rally.

It was even suggested that he was to perform at the convention. Within days, the rumour had become the talk of his hometown Atlanta, with some fans vowing not to buy another [url=]Outkast album ever again.

Now, according to MTV, Andre has set the record straight. He said: “The reason why I’m here (is because) I’m doing a documentary on youth and voting. I guess people got wind that I was coming here for the Republican convention, (but) they really don’t know the complete story. I wanted to clear it up. You had a lot of people around town, people in the streets, that heard I was supposed to be performing at the convention. A lot of people (are) riled up and upset, and that was never the case. It almost (leads) me to think, ‘who put it out there that I was performing?’ I don’t know if it was to bring heat to a certain party. I just want to let people know that this is a non-partisan documentary I’m doing.’

He continued: “Well, actually it wasn’t a big scare, because whoever was on the radio saying they’d never buy another Outkast fans love the music. I understand the politics of it – it does matter who I vote for – but it’s none of their business. If they like the music that’s cool.”