OutKast’s Big Boi teases collaboration with Kate Bush: “Stay tuned”

He's a long-time fan of the elusive singer

OutKast‘s Big Boi has teased that a collaboration with Kate Bush could feature on his upcoming joint album with Sleepy Brown, after previously professing his love of the singer.

In a new interview with Yahoo, the rapper explained that he has been a fan of Bush since being introduced to her music as a child.

“I love Kate Bush. That’s my people, man,” Big Boi said. “My uncle turned me on to her since I was like in 8th grade. And this is like my mom’s brother, like the weirdo brother. He turned me on to Kate and Fleetwood Mac and Sting and Lynyrd Skynyrd, and he just listened to everything.”


He added: “So I grew up listening to Bob Marley too, and my top two artists of all time is 1A and 1B, Bob Marley and Kate Bush. And then No. 2 would be N.W.A.”

He went on to explain how he personally met the singer after travelling to London to attend her historic Before The Dawn residency at the Hammersmith Apollo in 2014, the singer’s first live concert since 1979.

“Oh, it was wonderful, Before The Dawn. It was super-dope to go in and just to see all the songs play out onstage and the theatrical everything,” he said.

“And at the end of the show, she invited me and my wife back to the dressing room to have a glass of wine.”

He went on to detail a further dinner between the pair and his family in 2017, before teasing that she could potentially feature on his upcoming joint album with Sleepy Brown, ‘Big Sleepover’.


“Stay tuned, stay tuned. Just stay tuned. … I can’t even talk about it right now!” he replied when asked if the record will feature a Kate Bush collaboration.

He added that it will be “all killer, no filler” album will have “surprises”.

The comments come after Big Boi and Sleepy shared the track ‘Can’t Sleep’.

The song is the latest to be shared from the pair’s upcoming joint album ‘Big Sleepover’, which was first teased last year after the release of ‘Intentions’ featuring CeeLo Green.

A release date for ‘The Big Sleepover’ has yet to be announced.