Outraged Liam Gallagher and QOTSA fans accuse Festival Republic of ‘passing the buck’ over Finsbury Park ‘shambles’

Fans had complained on social media about lengthy queues for the bars and toilets, as well as security fears

Outraged Liam Gallagher and Queens Of The Stone Age fans have accused Festival Republic of “passing the buck” over issues at this weekend’s Finsbury Park gigs.

Fans who attended the shows on Friday (June 29) and Saturday (30) took to Twitter during and after the shows to complain about the length of queues for the bars and toilets, security fears, and other organisational issues.

Some attendees reported missing entire sets as they stood in two-hour queues and said the park felt “way too overcrowded.” Others noted that the sound quality was not up to standard and many demanded a refund.


Now, Festival Republic have responded to the complaints on Twitter. “Fans on Friday and Saturday deserved a better bar service,” a tweet from the company’s official Twitter account read. “In light of this, Workers Beer Company have issued the following statement.”

The tweet linked to a statement from the bar company, which explained there was an “unprecedented failure of up to 40% of our staff to turn up.” “As a consequence people had to wait an unnecessarily long time to be served,” it read. “For this we unreservedly apologise.”

The statement continued to absolve Gallagher, Queens Of The Stone Age, and Festival Republic of responsibility for the bar issues and “letting down the audience”. 

A spokesman for the charity Workers Beer Company spokesman has since told NME that this has never happened before, even the many events they’ve worked at Finsbury Park in the past. While their next event of the summer will be at Lovebox Festival, Workers Beer Company will also be conducting their own independent inquiry into how this happened.

Liam Gallagher live at Finsbury Park


However, fans are not happy with the statement from Festival Republic, saying the Workers Beer Company shouldn’t be held accountable for all the weekend’s problems. “Ahh.. so the Workers Beer Company were to blame for the overcrowding, the queues for water on a blistering hot day, the obviously too small exit to leave the park by…” wrote one Twitter user. “Stop trying to pass the buck and release a proper apology.”

Another wrote: “Don’t pass the buck you cretins. So many problems this weekend and that’s the excuse you roll out? Poorly planned. Even more poorly executed. Never seen anything so bad in my life.”


“And so that abdicates you from all responsibility does it?” another wrote. “No way you could help the problem or manage queues better? It was still way too crowded as the queues for water prove. Also I love the implication from this statement that the beer queues were the ONLY thing wrong with this festival, and that you bear absolutely no responsibility.”

No further statement from Festival Republic has been made at present.

Workers Beer Company is a fundraising initiative set up in 1986. Run by volunteers from trade union branches, the labour movement, grassroots organisations, community groups and charities, all money earned from the hours they work is donated to charity.