The rappers use their investment wisely - and they've got loads of cool flavours!...

THE OUTSIDAZ, the nine-strong underground crew, have taken a novel route in investment – by entering the ice-cream trade.

Various members of the group, – Pace Won, Young Zee and Rah-Digga – first came to prominence when they appeared on The Fugees mega hit 1996 album ‘The Score’.

On receipt of their Rufflife Records advance money, the army of MC’s bought their very own ice-cream parlour in their native “brick city” New Jersey. Named ‘Outragaz Flavaz’, the MCs have been busy concocting a menu of specially dedicated hip-hop flavours. Here’s their current top 5 best sellers: Outsidaz – Chocolate Chip U Up Eminem – Vanilla, no ice Rah Digga’s – Imperial Chocolate Pace Won’s – Rah rah Pistachio Redman – Rum Raisin Young Zee told us the reason behind the venture, “We set up because so many rappers get their advances, blow them all.”


The group wanted to set it up to invest the money, to look back on and have something to show for it. They also use it as their chill out place. Employed a lot of young kids from the hood to work there. Another reason is that they can eat as much ice cream as they want for free!

You can find Pace Won, Az-Izz, Axe, Yah Yah, Nawshis, Du, Young Zee (Rah Digga’s man!), Vintage and DJ Mahummad at:

Outragouz Flavaz, 18th Street, Springfield Ave, North New Jersey USA.

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