Over 3.7 million over-45s go raving once a week

Some say they have more stamina now than ever

Over 3.7 million British people over the age of 45 go raving once a week, a new study has revealed.

Event and ticketing company Eventbrite has found that many middle-aged music lovers still enjoy embracing rave culture on a regular basis. This group are known as the EverGroovers, who are led by former Kiss FM DJ Gordon Mac (59).

Out of the 170 members questioned, 60 per cent claimed nothing would stop them attending raves, while two-fifths said they have more stamina than those half their age. 24 per cent of those who took part said that they rave more post-40 than when they were much younger.


Back in 2017, a study claimed to have discovered what age is “too old” to go clubbing. According to Currys PC World, 37 was the age where most people deemed it unacceptable to still hit nightclubs, with 31 years of age being the point that people begin to prefer staying in to going out.

In response, a number of older ravers hit out at the findings – with some telling Mixmag that “anyone can enjoy” the scene, despite their age.

“We invented [rave], danced to it when [younger fans] were mere glints in the milkman’s eyes,” one fan told the publication. “It’s totally laughable that dance music belongs to just a certain age group.”

Last year, it was reported that the number of illegal raves taking place in London had doubled in the space of a year. Shortly after, police raided an illegal night held at an abandoned Toys R Us store.

Officers arrested five people and seized a soundsystem on the scene, at Hounslow’s Bull’s Bridge Industrial Estate over Easter 2018.