Over 300 from arts urge government to act over “lack of progress” on post-Brexit touring crisis

"We are extremely concerned by the lack of progress"

Over 300 figures the arts industry have signed an open letter to urge the government to over the post-Brexit touring crisis.

The signatories said: “We are extremely concerned by the lack of progress which has been achieved over the last three months to unravel the mountain of costly bureaucracy and red tape which now faces the creative industries.”

It added: “With scheduling already under way for creative work later this year, you have a limited window of opportunity to resolve this crisis which is threatening our industry.”



Brexit protestors
Protestors demonstrate against Brexit CREDIT: Getty Images

As reported on the BBC, a government response to the letter said: “As the prime minister has said, we are working flat out with the industry on plans to support the creative sectors tour in Europe.

“We have already produced guidance to help artists understand what’s required in different countries and are exploring proposals to provide further practical help, as well as engaging directly with EU member states.”

Back in March, Boris Johnson pledged to fix the work permit issue that could impact UK touring musicians and crew members post-Brexit.

The PM’s Brexit trade deal, which was passed last December, failed to secure visa-free travel for UK artists and their crew as well as Europe-wide work permits. It is feared that acts will face huge costs for future live tours of the continent, potentially preventing rising and developing artists from being able to afford to do so.


Johnson told the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee (DCMS) chair, Julian Knight: “It is hugely important and they are also a massive export industry. We must fix it.”