The investigation is dropped due to lack of evidence...

The police have dropped their investigation into UK garage star NEUTRINO over alleged possession of a firearm.

The rapper, real name MARK OSEITUTU, one half of chart-topping duo Oxide & Neutrino, was told the news when he returned to Charing Cross Police Station in London earlier this week (September 17) in order to meet bail conditions. The investigations was dropped due to lack of evidence.

As previously reported on NME.COM, Neutrino was shot in the leg after leaving a west London nightclub in the early hours of May 2. He claimed he was involved in a scuffle outside the club when a man tried to rob him. He said he only realised he had been shot as he was driving away after the incident.


He later admitted himself to a local hospital, where staff notified police because of the nature of his injury. He was then arrested and taken to Charing Cross Police Station, where he was treated by a police doctor and questioned, before being released without charge.

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