Everyone attending the show will have to pass under a walk-through metal detector...

Organisers at this week’s live gig by Oxide & Neutrino will introduce levels of security rarely seen at a music event in London, NME.COM can reveal.

To provide the chance of any weapons being carried inside, everyone entering Hackney Ocean on Wednesday (April 10) for the MTV Base promoted show will have to pass under a walk-through metal detector. Security staff will also insist on stringent searches. Artists, record executivess and fans will be denied entry if they refuse to comply.

A spokesperson for the event told NME.COM that organisers had also been working closely with the Metropolitan police to ensure the event passed off peacefully. There will be a notable police presence around the venue, though the exact details are not being revealed.


The show marks the first time Oxide & Neutrino or any of So Solid Crew have been allowed to perform live in the UK since the London Astoria show last October that saw two concert goers shot and led to the cancellation of So Solid’s tour and all subsequent dates.

So Solid Crew core member Neutrino told NME.COM this week that he and Oxide were excited about playing.

“I’m just going to be glad,” he said. “It’s really our first live show. We have something to prove to people that we don’t carry violence. It’s going to be good. There won’t be no violence at all.”

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