The God Of Fuck is advised to keep his distance - as is Eminem. Oh, and nu-metal stars - don't think about suggesting a quick pint with the garage duo either...

OXIDE & NEUTRINO‘s NEUTRINO has sent out a warning to MARILYN MANSON, telling THE GOD OF FUCK to keep his distance during this weekend’s (August 24-26) CARLING FESTIVAL.

Speaking to NME.COM, Neutrino, refering to an allegation of assault levelled at Manson last week, said: “He’s a freak. That’s just different shit. Don’t come near to me with that shit. What if he did? I’ll be in prison for murder.”

Not content with taking aim at Manson, the MC also set his fire on Eminem, labelling him a “fake”. “He’s just an act, he said. “He’s a softie, he plays a part like someone in ‘EastEnders’.”


It seems that there will be very little to make the garage stars happy this weekend. Following a definition of the term ‘nu-metal’, the pair made it clear they will be staying away from the main stage. “I can hear two tunes of that,” Oxide said, “but by the third one I feel like killing myself.” “It sounds like pots and pans being crashed with someone screaming like his balls are being cut off,” Neutrino added.

Meanwhile, the duo say they are ‘very likely’ to be writing the theme for the new Ali G film, and fancy their chances at breaking the US on the back of Craig David‘s Stateside success. The star has, they said, “made them [Americans] aware of those garage beats.”

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