The garage duo are shut in the studio in the rush to finish their new LP...

Oxide & Neutrino have been grounded!

The pair were allowed out especially to attend the NME Carling Awards last week. But since then the garage duo have been shut in the studio, trying to complete the follow-up to their ‘Execute’ album in time for their record company’s deadline.

“We’re in 24-hour lock-down in the studio working on mad ideas,” Neutrino told NME.COM “We got to deliver it by May or June, so it should appear by summer. It’s something to look out for.”


The MC added: “It’s sounding really, really good. You’re just going to have to wait and see. It’s something different, better than the old one. We just get better as we go along.”

The pressure to complete the album has also forced Oxide & Neutrino to miss out on their regular appearances with So Solid Crew. “We’re part of So Solid Crew, but we’re just branching off,” said Neutrino. “There are certain members, like Asher D, Harvey, Romeo, they’ll be branching off and doing their solo albums. That’s how it goes. At the end of the day, we’re one collective.”

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