Ozomatli unveil fourth studio album

LA band draw on self-created art installment for inspiration

Los Angeles 10-piece Ozomatli have revealed how an art installment they created at a gallery in their home city inspired songs on their forthcoming album.

Entitled ‘Don’t Mess With The Dragon,’, the band’s fourth LP is due out in the US on March 27.

The band contributed art and decorations to a space at the Tropico de Nopal gallery where they were holed up for several weeks, drawing on their own art and pieces by other LA artists for inspiration for the record.


“Visitors came in and each of us got a chance to show how we create music, individually and collectively,” said bassist/vocalist Wil-Dog Abers. “That environment gave birth to these songs. I think we created our most cohesive album yet.”

Abers also said the new album focuses on Hurricane Katrina, the multiculturalism of Los Angeles, and the perils of war.

The tracklisting for ‘Don’t Mess With The Dragon’ is as follows:

‘Can’t Stop’

‘City of Angels’

‘After Party’


‘Don’t Mess With The Dragon’

‘La Gallina’

‘Magnolia Soul’

‘Here We Go’

‘La Temperatura’



‘When I Close My Eyes’

‘La Segunda Mano’

–By our Los Angeles staff.

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