Police use strongarm tactics to break up a gig in Texas....

Members of OZOMATLI have been arrested after a show got out of hand in TEXAS.

The Latin outfit played Austin’s Exodus nightclub late on March 17, as part of the South By South West music industry showcase, when their traditional show finale led to dramatic scenes.

At the end of every show, the band lead the audience in a chant of ‘Ozomatli, ya se fue’ which means ‘Ozomatli is leaving’, and leave the stage, leading the audience in a parade while beating drums and playing horns.


At the Texas show, the parade made its way outside of the club and marched out onto Sixth Street, reports the Austin American Statesman.

It is unclear what happened next, and a statement from the police is awaited. But by the end of the night, band manager Amy Sue Blackman-Romero was arrested and charged with a city ordinance violation and interference with the duties of a public servant.

Meanwhile, percussionist Jiro Yamaguchi was charged with assault of a public servant, while bassist Willy Abers was charged with failure to obey the order of a police officer.

Billboard reports that the three were taken to Travis County Jail. As of last night Blackman-Romero and Abers were no longer in custody, but Yamaguchi remained in jail on a $5,000 bond.