Ozzy and Sharon are not happy about who took home the diamond necklace from their party...

OZZY and SHARON OSBOURNE have lodged a complaint with police in LOS ANGELES after alleging that a woman gatecrashed their New Year’s Eve party at the BEVERLY HILLS HOTEL and illegally won a diamond necklace worth thousands of dollars in a raffle.

According to mtv.com, the couple claim that a 20-year-old employee of ICM talent agency, who was not invited to the party at which the couple renewed their their wedding vows, won a raffle that she should not have been eligible to enter at the casino-themed party.

The Osbournes say they asked her to return the Asprey-designed diamond necklace, which is valued at $42,000 in the police report, the following day but she refused.


ICM have hit back with a statement which “categorically denies the false and reckless charges made by Sharon Osbourne”, and say the agent in question was “a close friend” of the family. They insist she won the raffle tickets for the necklace in a fair manner, “without any inappropriate conduct”.

The Osbournes said they were “broken-hearted” and the incident “left a very bad taste in their mouths.” At the party, youngest daughter Kelly was flower-girl, with music provided by The Village People and Buddy Love, a lounge singer specialising in Ozzy covers.

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