The veteran rocker's debilitating tremor has now been successfully treated...

Ozzy Osbourne has spoken out about the debilitating tremor that forced him to pull a string of European dates.

The veteran rocker has now been successfully treated for the condition, which it transpires is a hereditary condition that has plagued him since his twenties, and gradually worsened.

Ozzy Osbourne told MTV: “I swear on my wife and my children’s lives that I do not have Parkinson’s. I am not covering anything up. It’s just a thing that’s been with me throughout my life. And as I’ve gotten older, it’s degenerated. There is treatment for it. This doctor is my guardian angel. When this guy put this medication in my vein, it was like someone had turned this machine off in me. It was like instant, man!”

Concern grew for Ozzy Osbourne when he pulled the European dates last week. It transpired that he was in fact suffering from a dry mouth, which affected his ability to sing – a side effect of treatment for the tremor.

The star continued: “It turns out that it’s a hereditary thing that I have for my mother’s side of the family. This guy in Boston fixed me great. He’s taken me off all the medication that I was on. I’m taking one medication now for this tremor. And now I haven’t got the tremor.”