The word ubiquitous springs to mind...

Ozzy Osbourne

is expected to follow inBRITNEY SPEARS’ footsteps and star in a multi-million dollar ad for cola makers PEPSI, to be aired during this season’s SUPERBOWL.

The veteran rocker and his dysfunctional family will film the ad for the soft drink company’s new lemon-flavoured drink Pepsi Twist at their Beverly Hills mansion in Los Angeles later this week, according to reports in the US.


The timing of the filming has led ad industry insiders to predict the ad or ads will be shown during the Superbowl broadcast in February.

For American advertisers, the Superbowl is the most important even of the year. It is the most watched TV show in the US and TV companies charge advertisers around $2 million for a 30-second spot.

Ad makers pull out all the stops for their Superbowl commercials, as the ads during breaks in play regularly attract more viewers than the game itself. Pepsi is among the biggest spenders on Superbowl ads, and for the past two years has poured at least $10 million into a series of commercials featuring Spears

in a variety of revealing costumes.

The Osbournes’ choice as this year’s Pepsi stars is seen as a seal of their place in Hollywood’s pantheon of A-list stars. The second series of their fly-on-the-wall show, which began in the US three weeks ago, has been watched by more than six million viewers each week, shattering MTV rating records set by the first series.

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