But mystery surrounds what he's being treated for...

OZZY OSBOURNE’S 17-year-old son JACK is recovering in a CALIFORNIA rehab clinic.

Jack, one of the stars of MTV’s most popular ever show, ‘The Osbournes’ is currently in the Las Encinas clinic in Pasadena. Staff there have refused to say what he is being treated for.

The Osbourne family has been propelled to super-stardom by the documentary-style show, which follows their lives around their Hollywood mansion.

Jack Osbourne revealed he found it difficult coping with his new-found fame after the first series of the show and suffered insomnia and depression.

He said: “You lose your anonymity. I can’t enjoy myself when I go out anymore. I’ve been hit, I’ve been slapped, people drive by screaming they hate me.”

Osbourne has worked as an A&R man scouting for new bands to perform at the former Black Sabbath frontman’s Ozzfest rock festivals.