She says the glare of the cameras has driven hubby Ozzy to drink again...

SHARON OSBOURNE has said in a TV interview in the US that her family would not have agreed to take part in the hit MTV series ‘THE OSBOURNES’ if they were to get the choice over again, and hinted that she wants to cut short her 20-episode contract.

And she claims that the strain of living in the full glare of the reality TV show cameras has driven her husband Ozzy to drink again.

Speaking to ABC News programme ’20/20′, the wife and manager of the metal legend said: “I think if we were to do it over again, we wouldn’t have done the show,” and added: “This is definitely the last year. We can’t do it any more… another ten shows and I’m out.”

The revelations, quoted in a press release put out by ABC prior to the interview’s broadcast tomorrow (November 6), shocked the show’s makers MTV. But Sharon has since backed away from her comments.

She has issued a statement regarding the ABC interview saying: “I have every intention of fulfilling our commitment to MTV for a full 20 episodes. I love my MTV.”

Speaking to the New York Post, MTV boss Van Toffler played the comments down, saying: “Sharon Osbourne is an uncontrollable and volatile entity, which is one reason why her family is so entertaining. It’s something I’m accustomed to.” He also said that when he rang Sharon after receiving the ABC press release, she told him: “You know you can’t believe everything I say.”

Sharon, who has been receiving chemotherapy treatment after being diagnosed with cancer of the colon earlier in the summer, at the end of the show’s first series, had previously said: “People will see me having chemo. It’ll be interesting. We need to get a different vibe going. I think I’ll bring some music, introduce myself, maybe we can sing some songs and cheer the place up.”

Reuters report Sharon as saying: “Ozzy’s been hitting the bottle again and we agreed to do the show, so the cameras are here all the time…we have no privacy. You know when you’re sick, you want to be on your own? And I can’t throw up on my own, and Ozzy can’t get drunk on his own.”

And she added: “The show has had such an impact on everybody. My kids (Kelly and Jack) aren’t just normal 16, 17-year-olds. They have lawyers and business managers.”

Emmy-award winning series ‘The Osbournes’ has been MTV’s biggest hit. Ten episodes of the series are scheduled to begin on MTV on November 26, with a further ten next year, while the first series began on Channel 4 on UK terrestrial TV last week

As reported last week on NME.COM, Sharon has said she is close to signing a deal for the film rights to a story of Ozzy’s life.