The adventures of Ozzy and his family continue in the autumn...

‘THE OSBOURNES’ will return for a second series later this year featuring 20 new episodes.

After weeks of negotiations, MTV have announced that a new series of the popular fly-on-the-wall documentary based around the life of Ozzy Osbourne and his family, will premiere in the US in the autumn.

The UK airdate is likely to be shortly afterwards.

In a statement, Sharon Osbourne said: “We are truly overwhelmed by the incredible response to the show. We never expected that by inviting MTV into our home, we’d get such a positive reaction from fans young and old. It’s been absolutely fucking amazing.”

Cameras will follow the family 24/7 over several months. The amount the network has paid for the new series has not been disclosed, although it was rumored that the deal could be worth up to $20 million.