The Prince Of Darkness speaks out about son Jack's battle with painkiller addiction...

Ozzy Osbourne has spoken out for the first time about son JACK’s battle with painkiller addiction.

Addressing Jack’s recent spell in a Californian rehab clinic, Ozzy Osbourne accepted that he had made mistakes as a parent.

“The mistake that Sharon and I both made, and we both agree on this, is we never set any boundaries,” he said. “We never said, ‘You must be in the house by a certain time.’ We just let them have the freedom. Sharon and I are still learning. We’re not the parents that say, ‘We’re always right,’ because we’re not.”

Jack checked himself into the Las Encinas Hospital in Pasadena earlier this year and it emerged that he was using the painkiller OxyContin. The drug, which can be as addictive as morphine, can cause respiratory problems, and can prove fatal when crushed, snorted or chewed, according to the US Food and Drug Administration.

Despite trying to be open with his children, Ozzy Osbourne said that the news of his son’s problem came as a shock: “One thing I noticed is that he never cried… He never showed. He just locked it in, you know.”

He added: “I think what families should do more often is have family meetings and talk: get around the table and say, ‘What’s up? How you doing? Every day, I say to my family, ‘I love you,’ you know. And I do love my family. People forget to say, ‘I love you. I care for you. Are you OK? Is there anything you need?”

According to MTV News, Jack admitted that there was no way for his parents to see his addiction coming. He said: “There was the Jack Osbourne my parents knew, the Jack Osbourne my friends knew and the Jack Osbourne the public knew.”

He explained: “The one my parents knew was the funny, facetious, nice, loving son who’s truly caring. To my friends I was a crazy, insane, drinking, using party animal who knew how to have a good time. And the public one was, well, the one they wanted to vote out of the house.”