Watch Jack and Kelly mutate into The Osmonds...

THE OSBOURNES’ SUPERBOWL advert for fizzy pop, in which JACK and KELLY turn into DONNY and MARIE OSMOND, can now be seen by viewers across the globe.

The advert for Pepsi Twist, which premiered in front of an estimated 100 million American viewers during the Superbowl on Sunday (January 26), has now been posted online. Jack and Kelly are shown drinking a can of the cola. They then reach behind their heads, pull off their faces and revel their new identities as the gleaming-toothed, ever-smiling pop duo.

A petrified Ozzy screams for his wife with his trademark “Sharrroonn!”, only to wake up in bed delighted it was all just a bad dream. But Ozzy soon discovers the nightmare hasn’t ended – his wife has turned into the mother of wholesome American TV family, ‘The Brady Bunch’. To watch the ad, plus edited outtakes, click here.


Kelly Osbourne is the cover star of this week’s NME, on sale in London today (January 28) and the rest of the UK tomorrow.

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