From the makers of the Kiss action figures comes the Ozzy doll...

Ozzy Osbourne has been immortalised in plastic by the makers of 1998’s Kiss action figures.

Todd McFarlane Productions, the company of the creator super anti-hero comic Spawn, will release the Ozzy figure in this country in the spring. The seven-inch doll comes with a stained-glass backdrop and accessories, including doves and bats with their heads bitten off.

It features a bare-chested, wild-eyed Ozzy, (pictured here; note decapitated dove and bat) complete with cape, clutching a crucifix.


Todd McFarlane Productions will also release a one-off Black Sabbath comic with the doll and plan to create the rest of the Sabs line-up – Bill Ward, Tony Iommi and Geezer Butler – later in the year.

Meanwhile, US punk legends The Misfits are also entering the toy market. American-based 21st Century Toys have created action figures based on the ghoulish band who were formed in 1977 by Glenn Danzig. The band reformed in 1995 without Danzig and are scheduled to release a new album in summer through Roadrunner Records.

Who would you buy an action figure of? Maybe a Thom Yorke or Richard Ashcroft figure sitting in a completely bare room staring at the floor? Or a Rick Witter pissing against a wall? Tell us what you think. Post a message on Angst

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